About the Editor

Chris PearsonChris is a freelance journalist and photographer, based in Nottinghamshire. He started road racing in 1978 at the age of 16, and has been closely involved in the sport ever since, using his race skills to teach many a young hopeful, and has been a longstanding, and popular, instructor at the prestigious Honda Ron Haslam race school since its inception. One thing that has set Chris apart has been his understanding of technical matters, from his early race career he was modifying and developing machines for himself and others, and this work led to him being a sought after mechanic.

Over a decade ago Chris turned his hand to the written word, and has since worked for most of the worlds leading publications, having test ridden every machine, road or race, since the early 70s up to present day.

A spell in motorcycle retail means he knows the score when it comes to buying and selling, while his riding skills remain honed making him a voice to be trusted when it comes to reviews and reports. In the latter part of his racing career, Chris used his collection of 70s TZ Yamahas to great effect in the classic scene, winning many championships and races before his retirement in 2002.

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