Betting on the MotoGP Championship

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Jorge Lorenzo the leading Yamaha rider comfortably won the Italian MotoGP which returns him to second place in the standings table. Spain’s  Dani Pedrosa is leading the table for Honda with 103 points, Lorenzo has 91 points, and the other Spanish Honda rider Marc Marquez is in third place with 71 points. The MotoGP rookie and Moto 2 champion Cal Crutchlow from the Isle of Man is flying the British flag in fourth place with 71 points. He finished on the podium in Mugello with two third places in succession.

There is now no doubt that Cal Crutchlow is a force to look out for. It is even possible that he will win this season’s championship. The odds on him doing so are 50/1, but that could be worth a small patriotic vote. Certainly he has a chance of winning a race in 2013, so keep your eyes on the odds. In fifth place in the standings is the Italian Andrea Ducati rider Dovizioso with 50 points while Valentino Rossi is in sixth place with 47 points. Currently there is very little to choose between the top two both in terms of betting odds and their realistic prospects of winning.

The idea of taking some of the fastest machines that man has ever made and racing them against each other has been around since people first made motorbikes. The thrill of traveling at ridiculous speeds in order to beat all the other competitors is only half of the fun.

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