Fastway Footpegs for BMW GS

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Fastway Footpegs for BMW GSBuilt to perform in the toughest of conditions, each Evo 4 Peg is machined from electromagnetically-polished billet 420 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

The platform measures a generous 89 x 57 mm and features a wide, three-rail design, to prevent mud and dirt from the trail building up underfoot.

Micro-adjustable studs – also stainless steel – allow the rider to tailor the pegs for specific conditions and riding styles: a firm hold for particularly rough off-road sections or allowing for additional movement for frequent braking and gear changes; there’s even a setting to reduce boot wear.

Should the rider need a flatter platform, the studs can be removed altogether, and for quick and easy replacement if they wear or suffer any damage – thus prolonging the life of the pegs.

Evo 4 Pegs can be mounted around 25 mm lower than standard pegs to give extra legroom. They also feature a ‘Fast Kamber Mounting System’ which uses shims to adjust the upward or downward tilt of the pegs – increasing or decreasing knee grip on the bike’s tank.

Fastway Evo 4 Footpegs retail at £139.00 per pair and are currently available for most F, G and R series GS models from 1999 onwards.

For further information and a full fitment list, visit the sole European distributors for Fastway Footpegs,