Ride Safe

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Biking in the winter months can be a treacherous task.

Dark evenings and busy roads are just a few of the obstacles in your way was you race home.

Distractions come easily, and not just from the road. Busy minds and not giving the roads your full attention can lead to accidents.

We’ve collated some useful tips to ensure your winter ride is as safe and hazard free as possible.

Wrap Up

It seems obvious, but having the correct winter kit will keep you safe as well as warm on your ride.

Having cold hands and fingers in particular can slow your reaction on the bike, meaning potential accidents.

One-piece leathers are often the best choice for most riders, as they offer less opportunity for the icy wind to find its way in. But if you can’t afford to fork out for more leather, layering up with thermal layers is another great option for keeping frosty chills at bay.

Check It Before You Wreck It

As well as the usual safety checks, giving your bike a service for the winter months will save you money on any costly rusting and of course prevent accidents.

Whether you take it to a dealer to be serviced or you do it yourself, ensure that it is as thorough as possible.

Parts should be kept well oiled, and salt should be washed off with cold water after every winter ride.

Respect The Road

From grease in the summer, rain in the autumn, to the black ice of winter, the road conditions vary with each season and so should your riding.

Take it easy and save your full throttle riding for care free summer days.

Being reckless on the roads will endanger yourself and others.

Although the roads will be gritted don’t forget to use Rock Salt on your own drive way. Slips at home are preventable and the last thing you want is to miss out on winter driving because of a preventable accident.

Beware Of Others

As you’re not the only person on the road be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Dangerous driving can be life threatening when combined with bad weather.

Increase the breaking distance between you and other vehicles and keep your eyes open for any slippery surfaces.

Enjoy the thrill of winter riding but stay safe.