Take Your Love of Biking to the Next Level

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With an exciting year ahead in the world of motorbike racing, there’s no better time to start getting more involved in your favourite sporting event! As the MotoGP starts in a couple months in Qatar, the promise of an exciting 19-round schedule looms closer and closer. Often viewers  are stuck watching from their sofa – comfortable but not very involved or exciting. So why not take a step towards the track this season and get more out of watching MotoGP? From throwing a viewing party to attending a live race, there are plenty of ways to bring any racer fan’s love of biking to the next level.

Create a Fantasy Team

Fantasy sports teams aren’t just for football fans. Create a fantasy MotoGP team of favourite racers and play online against other fans – for free or for some incredible prizes. There are scoring sheets, odd tables, league standings, and other fun racer stats that will help bring any race fan’s knowledge of the league up a notch. If a big stake game isn’t in the cards, then create a fantasy team with mates. Make a small pot to win or simply play for the competitive edge – either way, with every race, you’ll be more invested in the outcomes and the rush of the race will feel bigger, even from your living room.

Put Money on The Race

MotoGP is a competitive, edgy, dangerous sport, that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. But there are plenty of ways to fight for this awesome sport and even make a little money while doing so. Many online casinos offer an array of sports betting options, so fans can put their money where their heart is by wagering on their favourite teams and racers. Most casinos offer great promotions and bonuses for new members, even free sports bets, so check promotion pages (and always terms and conditions) before cashing in, then enjoy the heated stakes at the next race!

Volunteer for an Event

One of the best ways to get involved on game day is to volunteer for the actual event! With plenty of races in Europe, plus the home event at Silverstone in August, there are lots of options for attending a game for a fraction of the price. Volunteers gain front row access as a Flag Marshall, Track Marshall, or as part of the communications team and usually just need to pay for their transportation and accommodation (if going abroad). This is about as close to the action that racing fans can get – without shelling out big bucks to attend.

Buy a Bike!

There comes a time in every MotoGP fan’s life to make the investment and get a superbike of their own. There are so many fantastic options out there – BMW, Yamaha, Buell – Classic or Sports – New or Used – it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out the buyers guide and review pages to get a good introduction on buying bikes and detailed descriptions of road tests on everything from Aprilias and BMWs to Yamahas and Triumphs. Love MotoGP? Get two tires on the motorway.